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What is Matter?
a) anything that has mass and takes up space.
b) the space taken up
c) the measurement taken of a gram
d) the weight of an item

A mixture is?
a) easily separated .....can be a salad...can be a cup of coffee
b) easily separated ..can be a salad....can be a cup of tea with ice cubes...air
c) easily separated ....can be a salad...can be air....can be sugar and water
d) can not be easily separated

A solution can:
a) can not be easily separated... water and iron filings
b) can not be easily separated...water and sand....water and pepper
c) can not be easily separated .....water and sugar...water and salt..

If I put 4 grams of sugar in a solution and let the water evaporate:
a) I will have 2 grams of sugar left
b) I will have no sugar left
c) I will have 3 grams of sugar left
d) I will have 4 grams of sugar left

When a liquid can not hold or dissolve anymore sugar(saturated)
a) the sugar will disappear
b) the sugar will sink to the bottom

How can I separate this mixture:water ,marbles, iron filings
a) use a magnet,screen filter
b) use a magnet only
c) use a screen filter only
d) allow the water to evaporate only

I have a cup with 10 milliliters of water..A sponge was then placed in the cup. The cup now containes 3 (ml)milliliters of water.)How much water was absorbed by the sponge?
a) 2 ml
b) 6 ml
c) 7ml
d) 10ml

After that , the sponge was squeezed and the water returned to the same cup. It now has 8 millimters of water. How much water was retained by the sponge?
a) 2ml
b) 3ml
c) 4ml
d) 5ml

Air is mixture
a) True---It contains nitrogen,oxygen,carbon dioxide and other gases
b) False- it only contains oxygen

Mass is measured in what units and by using what tool?
a) pounds.......scale
b) grams and a ruler
c) grams.....triple beam balance

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