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The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s influenced American society by
a) ending racial segregation of public facilities
b) increasing awareness of African American contributions to American culture
c) encouraging urban renewal projects in major American cities
d) establishing government programs to assist African Americans

Which feature of the Harlem Renaissance best reflects the image of the Roaring Twenties?
a) demands for equal civil rights
b) concerns for economic prosperity
c) expression through jazz and dance
d) calls to eliminate racial prejudice

A result of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s was the
a) restoration of buildings and the infrastructure in New York City
b) increased recognition of African-American writers and musicians
c) end of racial segregation laws in New York State
d) appointment of several African Americans as presidential advisors

The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s can best be described as
a) an organization created to help promote African-American businesses
b) a movement that sought to draw peopls back to the inner cities
c) a relief program to provide jobs for minority workers
d) a period of great achievement by African American writers, artists, and performers

The works of Duke Ellington and Langston Hughes reflected the
a) expanding role of women in the 1920s
b) achievements of the Harlem Renaissance
c) architectural innovations of the 1930s
d) influence of southern European immigrant groups

Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington are noted for their contributions to the cultural movement of the 1920s known as the
a) Gospol of Wealth
b) Lost Generation
c) Harlem Renaissance
d) Gilded Age

The Harlem Renaissance was important to American society because it
a) highlighted the cultural achievements of African Americans
b) isolated African Americans from mainstream society
c) provided new political opportunities for African Americans
d) brought an end to racial segregation in the North

One goal of the Harlem Renaissance writers was to
a) increase pride in African American culture
b) support exising racial barriers
c) cut off connections with mainstream American values
d) encourage African Americans to create their own political party

During the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, African American authors and artists used literature and art to
a) end segregation of public facilities
b) promote affirmative action programs
c) celebrate the richness of their heritage
d) urge voters to elect more African Americans to political office

In the 1920s, both Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington made major contributions to
a) economic growth
b) educational reforms
c) the creative arts
d) political leadership

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