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In 1920, when Presidential candidate Warren G. Harding called for a
a) increased support for Progressive Era programs and the League of Nations
b) increased farm production and an emphasis on the rural lifestyle
c) reduced international involvement and less government regulation of business
d) reduced racial segregation and the elimination of discrimination against women.

Which event represents an expression of nativism during the 1920?
a) the trial of John Scopes for teaching evolution
b) adoption of a quota system to limit immigration
c) Charles Lindbergh's solo transatlantic flight
d) rise in popularity of spectator sports

Which expression most accurately illustrates the concept of nativism?
a) Help Wanted Irish Need Not Apply
b) Go West Young Man
c) America First in War and Peace
d) The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

Which characteristic of the 1920s is illustrated by the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti?
a) hostility toward woman's suffrage
b) support for segregation
c) opposition to separation of church and state
d) intolerance toward immigrants

Which action is an example of nativism in the 1920s?
a) widespread violation of Prohibition laws
b) efforts to improve living conditions for Native American Indians
c) passage of laws restricting immigration
d) provision of credit to farmers

Which action by the federal government during the late 1800s is an example of nativism?
a) passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act
b) creation of tribal reservations in the East
c) grants of financial aid to western farmers
d) support of the contruction of transcontinental railroads

What was one effect of the Bolshevik Revolution (October 1917) on the United States?
a) Federal courts banned anti-immigrant groups.
b) Nativism increased, leading to the Red Scare.
c) The Allied Powers needed fewer United States troops.
d) Immigration laws were changed to allow refugees from Russia

The migration of African Americans to the North during and following World War I was mainly a result of the
a) success of military desegregation
b) efforts of the civil rights movement
c) availability of new factory jobs
d) impact of affirmative action programs

What was a major result of Prohibition in the United States during the 1920s?
a) restriction of immigration
b) growth of communism
c) destruction of family values
d) increase in organized crime

National Prohibition, as authorized by the 18th Amendment, state that
a) Americans must be 18 years old to purchase alcoholic beverages
b) only imported alcoholic beverages would be sold
c) alcoholic beverages could only be sold in government-run stores
d) the manufactue and sale of alcoholic beverages was banned.

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