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What was the immediate cause of the outbreak of World War I (1914)?
a) formation of secret alliances
b) competition over Asian and African colonies
c) accumulation of arms and weapons
d) assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand

The United States found it difficult to remain neutral during the first three years of World War I because of its desire to
a) expand its interests in the Caribbean
b) control the Suez Canal
c) maintain freedom of the seas for trade with European nations
d) obtain migrant workers for American farms

President Woodrow Wilson's policy of strict neutrality during the early years of World War I was challenged by
a) German violations of freedom of the seas
b) British disrespect for the Roosevelt corollary
c) attacks by Mexicans on United States border towns
d) the refusal of the League of Nations to supply peacekeepers

Prior to entering World War I, the United States protested Germany's use of submarine warfare primarily because it
a) violated the Monroe Doctrine
b) discouraged immigration to the United States
c) violated the principle of freedom of the seas
d) posed a direct threat to American cities

What was a major reason the United States entered World War I (1917)?
a) The Japanese had occupied Manchuria
b) Foreign troops had landed on American soil
c) The Austro-Hungarian Empire had invaded Belgium
d) Germany had resumed unrestricted submarine warfar

One goal for a lasting peace that President Woodrow Wilson included in his Fourteen Points was
a) establishing a League of Nations
b) maintaining a permanent military force in Europe
c) returning the United States to a policy of isolationism
d) blaming Germany for causing World War I

A major purpose of President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points (1918) was to
a) ask Congress to enter World War I
b) set goals for achieving peace after World War I
c) provide an aid program for rebuilding war-torn nations
d) retaliate for the sinking of the Lusitania

Many senators who opposed Unites States membership in the League of Nations argued that joining the League would
a) involve the nation in future military conflicts
b) reduce freedom of the seas
c) end the country's free-trade policy
d) endanger the nation's military preparedness

One major reason the United States Senate refused to approve the Treaty of Versailles after World War I was the many senators
a) rejected United States colonial practices in Asia
b) wanted immediate repayment for war debts from France
c) were concerned about future United States obligations in foreign affairs
d) supported increased foreign aid to Germany

Why did the Senate reject the Versailles Treaty (1919)?
a) to express opposition to the harsh sanctions imposed on Germany
b) to avoid the dues for membership in the League of Nations
c) to reduce United States military forces in Europe
d) to keep the United States free from foreign entanglements

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