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Which example is primary source of information for historians?
a) textbook
b) autobiography
c) encyclopedia
d) almanac

In almost every society, the problem of scarcity must be dealt with because
a) resources are limited
b) governments tend to overspend on the military
c) farmers tend to overestimate their crop yields
d) goods are distributed evenly

The term subsistence farmers refers to people who grow
a) enough food to feed an entire village
b) food to sell in village markets
c) a single cash crop
d) just enough food to meet the needs of the family

In which field of study do people learn about the development of early human beings?
a) economics
b) anthropology
c) cartography
d) political science

Which document is an example of a primary source?
a) a novel on the Age of Discovery
b) a textbook on Latin American history
c) an encyclopedia article on Songhai culture
d) a diary of a Holocaust survivor

Hunting and gathering, subsistence agriculture, and the barter system are characteristics of a
a) traditional economy
b) market economy
c) command economy
d) mixed economy

Studying oral histories, archaeological evidence and cultural histories are methods most often used by
a) anthropologists
b) economists
c) philosphers
d) political scientists

When studying ancient civilizations, a geographer would be most interested in looking at
a) language as a form of expression
b) family structure
c) climatic influences on food production
d) standards for leadership

Most traditional societies are
a) located nearl large urban areas
b) closely linked to the natural environment
c) organized around complex economic systems
d) dependent on manufacturing

Which feature would most often be shown on a political map
a) type of climate
b) capital cities
c) topography
d) elevation

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