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Suspense builds as the action becomes more complicated with the
a) rising action
b) falling action
c) exposition
d) conclusion

This technical element is needed so that the lighting does not "wash out" the color on the actors face.
a) costumes
b) lighting
c) scenery
d) make-up

The precise movement and stance of an actor on stage is the
a) articulation
b) diction
c) gesture
d) blocking

A literary element empoloyed by playwrights is a dialoge. It is ____________________.
a) A speech delivered alone onstage.
b) A speech delivered by the main character.
c) A speech by two or more characters onstage.
d) A speech by the director.

This technical element complements make-up as it creates an overall feel for character, time, setting, and place.
a) scenery
b) lighting
c) costumes
d) make-up

The degree of clarity and distinctiveness in speaking is
a) rate
b) volume
c) diction
d) articulation

In order to sustain interest in drama, the playwright will often create a state of unknowing for the audience or __________________________.
a) theme
b) suspense
c) style
d) climax

Items that are carried on by characters to enhance time and setting or to be used for the action of the play are known as
a) flats
b) microphones
c) hand props
d) set props

One of the primary results of good drama when the audience identifies with and shares the feelings with the characters on stage is known as
a) tactic
b) strategy
c) obstacle
d) empathy

In character analysis, what getsin the way of a character's goal is known as as
a) obstacle
b) empathy
c) tactic
d) strategy

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