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Which substances are necessary for plants to produce sugar through photosynthesis?
a) Water, soil, chlorophyll
b) Water, roots, oxygen
c) Water, minerals, cell wall
d) Water, carbon dioxide, chlorophyll

What energy conversion happens when animals use respiration?
a) Nuclear energy is converted to chemical energy
b) Heat energy is converted to chemical energy
c) Chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy
d) Chemical energy is converted to nuclear energy

Why is repiration important to living things?
a) It releases energy from food
b) It creates new offspring
c) It moves blood through the body
d) It stores energy from sunshine

What process directly produces the energy needed to carry out life activities?
a) Circulation
b) Respiration
c) Excretion
d) Digestion

What type of energy is stored in a plant and then used in muscle cells of an animal that ate the plant?
a) Mechanical energy
b) Heat energy
c) Chemical energy
d) Electromagnetic energy

Which substance do plants use for their energy and growth needs?
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Water
c) Sugar
d) Oxygen

Which example illustrates the movement of energy from the sun through living things?
a) Light energy to chemical energy to mechanical energy
b) Heat energy to chemical energy to light energy
c) Heat energy to light energy to chemical energy
d) Light energy to mechanical energy to chemical energy

The process of respiration is important because
a) It releases energy from food
b) It produces food
c) It removes wastes from the body
d) It transport food to where it is needed

Which organism produces sugar from carbon dioxide and water using energy from light?
a) Worm
b) Horse
c) Daisy
d) Clam

In a closed terrarium, more photosynthesis is taking place than respiration. Which gas would you expect to increase?
a) Air
b) Nitrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Carbon dioxide

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