Chapter 7 Europe And Russia Question Preview (ID: 5222)

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Alexander the Great spread Greek culture throughout the world by
a) conquering other lands
b) building universities
c) establishing trade routes
d) making himself a Greek god.

What was one of the greatest contributions ancient Romans made to the world?
a) a new system of written, organized laws
b) a new educational system
c) a new monetary system
d) a new scientific method

How were people governed during the Middle Ages in Europe?
a) by feudal lords
b) by democratically elected leaders
c) by the emperor
d) by the local serfs

What statement best describes the political situation during the Renaissance?
a) Feudalism declined as kings became richer and more powerful.
b) Feudalism grew as kings became weaker.
c) The middle class took control of the governments.
d) The lower classes revolted and overthrew the monarchs.

How did science change during the Age of Revolution?
a) Scientists used experiments to test their theories.
b) Scientists made very few scientific advancements.
c) Scientists relied on theories, unsupported by facts.
d) Scientists no longer used the scientific method.

During the 1800s, the way goods were produced changed and resulted in the
a) Industrial Revolution
b) Pax Romana
c) Age of Revolution
d) Age of Reason

Peter the Great changed Russia by
a) bringing Wester European ideas and culture
b) refusing to pay taxes to the Mongols
c) freeing the serfs
d) conquering western Siberia.

As a result of the mass killing known as Bloody Sunday, Tsar Nicholas II agreed to establish
a) a Russian congress
b) an absolute monarchy
c) a free educational system
d) an improved judicial system.

What form of government did Lenin bring to Russia?
a) communism
b) democracy
c) absolute monarchy
d) constitutional monarchy

Who invented calculus?
a) Isaac Newton
b) Copernicus
c) Alexander the Great
d) Peter the Great

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