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Why was Alejandro O’Reilly known as “Bloody O’Reilly?
a) Because of the trial and death sentance of the rebellion leaders.
b) Because he always wore red.
c) Because of the way he captured Fort Pensacola.
d) Because of the massacre that took place after the rebellion.

One who measures and marks off boundary lines to establish land ownership, is called a(n) ____________.
a) Surveyor.
b) Militia.
c) Siege.
d) Treason.

The British evicted the Acadians from Canada because they would not:
a) Agree to fight against the French.
b) Agree to pay British taxes.
c) Surrender their land.
d) Take an oath of alliance to Britain.

_______________ an uprising in France that ended with the beheading of the king of France.
a) French and Indian War
b) War of Jenkin\'s Ear
c) American Revolution
d) French Revolution

Why were western farmers angry about Spain’s control of the Mississippi River?
a) They were upset America and Spain was at war.
b) They did not agree with Spanish trade laws.
c) Without access to the Mississippi River, they could not get their crops to market.
d) Without access to the Mississippi River, they would be unable to trade with the British any more.

A military force composed mainly of citizen-soldiers, is called a(n)___________.
a) treason.
b) surveyor.
c) siege.
d) militia.

What hindered Galvez’s attacks on the British?
a) Lack of men.
b) Spain's unwillingness to take part in war.
c) Four hurricanes.
d) Lack of supplies.

What treaty established the boundary between the United States and Spain at the thirty-first parallel.
a) Treaty of Paris of 1873
b) Treaty of Fountainbleu
c) Pinckney’s treaty
d) Treaty of Paris of 1783

Why were all colonists represented in the during the rebellion against the Spanish government.
a) In order to have enough people for the rebellion to be successful.
b) In order to show unity.
c) In order to show france everyone was loyal to them.
d) In order to overrun the Spanish troops.

How much more did it cost to run Louisiana than it made?
a) Two times more.
b) Ten times more.
c) Five times more.
d) Three times more.

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