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The French and Indian war started because of the __________ in the Ohio River Valley.
a) land
b) timber
c) fur trade
d) river access

He announced that the Louisiana colony must now follow Spanish trade laws. The colony could only trade with Spanish ports.
a) Antonio de Ulloa.
b) Alejandro O'Reilly.
c) Luis de Unzaga.
d) Esteban Rodriguez Miro.

He strengthened the Louisiana forts by repairing them and bringing in more soldiers. He also became more accepted by the French colonist, when he married a wealthy French merc
a) Etienne de Bore.
b) Antonio de Ulloa.
c) Francisco Luis Hector Baron de Carondelet.
d) Luis de Unzaga.

The city of Monroe got its original name from this governor.
a) Alejandro O'Reilly.
b) Esteban Rodriguez Miro.
c) Luis de Unzaga.
d) Etienne de Bore.

He allowed foreign trade ships to enter the port of New Orleans and list them as Spanish ships on the records.
a) Francisco Luis Hector Baron de Carondelet.
b) Antonio de Ulloa.
c) Alejandro O'Reilly.
d) Barnardo de Galvez.

He was the Spanish hero during the American Revolution. He captured British forts along the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.
a) Esteban Rodriguez Miro.
b) Barnardo de Galvez.
c) Etienne de Bore.
d) Francisco Luis Hector Baron de Carondelet.

The Spanish Governor, ___________________, was forced out of New Orleans by an angry mob.
a) Barnardo de Galvez.
b) Antonio de Ulloa
c) Alejandro O'Reilly.
d) Luis de Unzaga.

He replaced the French Superior Council with the Spanish Cabildo. This group functioned as a town council and as a court of law.
a) Barnardo de Galvez.
b) Francisco Luis Hector Baron de Carondelet.
c) Alejandro O'Reilly.
d) Etienne de Bore.

Why did Spain not openly support the Americans during the American Revolution?
a) Spain was involved in a civil war already.
b) Spain was allies with Great Britian.
c) The Americans would not agree to stay east of the Allegheny Mountains.
d) Spain thought the Americans couldn't win.

The crime of trying to overthrow the government of one’s own state or country is called __________.
a) neural.
b) militia.
c) siege.
d) treason.

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