1st Set Of Vocab Cont. Question Preview (ID: 52130)


ayer fue
a) today is
b) tomorrow is
c) yesterday was
d) the week was

mañana es
a) tomorrow is
b) yesterday was
c) today is
d) what day is today

hoy es
a) tomorrow is
b) yesterday was
c) i am from
d) today is

¿cual es tu telefono?
a) what is your phone number?
b) what is he/her name?
c) what is your name?
d) what's good

soy de
a) tomorrow is
b) he/she is from
c) i am from
d) my name is

es de
a) he/she is from
b) i am from
c) my name is
d) tomorrow is

¿de donde eres?
a) where are you from
b) where is he/she from
c) it is a pleasure
d) same to you

¿de dónde es
a) same to you
b) it is a pleasure
c) where is he/she from
d) where are you from

me llamo
a) he/her name is
b) my name is
c) nice to meet you
d) same to you

se llama
a) nice to meet you
b) see you later
c) my name is
d) his/her name is

¿cómo te llamas?
a) ask another student?
b) what is his/her name?
c) what is your name?
d) how you doing?

¿cómo se llama?
a) what is his/her name
b) what is your name
c) how you doing
d) sit down

a) it is a pleasure
b) same to you/likewise
c) see you later
d) see you tomorrow

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