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An answering service...
a) Should always be automated
b) Is not an important consideration in current healthcare
c) May be live or automated
d) Rarely affects patient care

Statements about another healthcare provider...
a) Should not be critical
b) Should always be critical when necessary
c) Should always be avoided
d) Are critical to good healthcare

Diagnostic error should...
a) Be discussed with patients
b) Never be discussed with patients
c) Be revealed only to an attorney
d) Be discussed with a nurse present

E Mail to patients should include
a) The phone number of the MD
b) A policy of E Mail use to the patient
c) All past patient laboratory tests
d) A special patient password

Referral request appointments are...
a) Made before the patient leaves the office
b) Made with request for patient arrival notification
c) Made with information provided to the patient
d) All of these answers

Consult requests are...
a) Routed to the MD by staff
b) Acknowledged by the MD
c) Evaluated for urgency by the MD
d) All of these answers

Laboratory test results are...
a) Called to the patient by the nurse
b) Checked for accuracy by the office manager
c) Monitored for abnornal values by an assigned nurse
d) Evaluated by the ordering MD

Lab reports are...
a) Filed when received
b) Sent to the chief nurse
c) Sent to the office manager
d) Routed to the ordering MD

HIPAA security requirement for files
a) Padlocks
b) Locking file cabinets
c) Locked file rooms
d) None of the these answers

Clinical files have
a) Alleregy warnings
b) Individual sections
c) Lab reports
d) All of these answers

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