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What car jingles did Woodrow go around singing when Grandpa was lokking to buy a new one?
a) Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Ford
b) Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet
c) Oldsmobile, Dodge, Ford
d) Plymouth, Pontiac, Ford

What baseball team looked like it was going to win the World Series?
a) Cleveland
b) Chicago
c) New York
d) Boston

When does Woodrow tell Gypsy what he thinks is really the truth about his mother?
a) Exactly one year after her disappearance
b) The day they start 7th grade
c) At the garden party
d) At Sunday school

What name did they call Gypsy's new hair cut?
a) Gypsy Pixie
b) Clint Cut
c) Dixie Pixie
d) Gypsy Leemaster Cut

What hard truth did both Gypsy & Woodrow face in 7th grade?
a) That each of them had a parent that voluntarily left them
b) That they both had to face Buzz Osborne being in their homeroom class
c) That their absent parents' hurt was bigger than their love
d) Both 1 and 3

Why was Woodrow jealous of Gypsy?
a) Because he though Gypsy had it easy
b) Because Gypsy was popular
c) Because Gypsy was pretty and had good clothes
d) Because Gypsy didn't have crossed eyes

Why was Mrs. Cooper so hard on Woodrow?
a) Because he was a cross-eyed hillbilly
b) Because she was a killjoy and wanted no one to have any fun
c) Because his mother had prevously called her a cow in front of her husband
d) Because she faulted him for her getting into the creek at the party

Woodrow told Mrs. Cooper he put rum in her drink. What was the drink?
a) ice tea
b) peach ice
c) coca cola
d) lemonade

Grandpa referred to all the ladies at the garden party as...
a) geese
b) sparrows
c) doves
d) hens

Impulsive. Which two characters are described this way?
a) Love & Belle
b) Amos & Porter
c) Belle & Gyspy
d) Woodrow & Gypsey

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