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What month and year was Gypsy born? Do the math.
a) November 1944
b) November 1942
c) January 1943
d) October 1942

How many months apart were Gypsy and Woodrow in age?
a) 10 months
b) 7 months
c) 1 year
d) 5 months

What month and year did Woodrow move in with Granny & Grandpa Ball?
a) September 1954
b) March 1954
c) April 1954
d) December 1953

What 3 things did Amos Leemaster do for the community of Coal Station?
a) Opened a hardware store, build a tree house & stopped by the barbershop to talk
b) Opened a hardware store, built Granny & Grandpa Ball's house & was a great guy
c) Opened a hardware store, gave Blind Bennie a home & was handsome
d) Opened a hardware store, started the volunteer fire dept & started the Civil League

What is Grandpa Ball's first name?
a) John
b) Jim
c) Joel
d) James

Because she is angry that he is trying to take her daddy's place, Gypsy gives Porter
a) the silent treatment
b) dirty looks
c) hugs
d) back talk

What does Grandpa buy for Woodrow when he first comes to live next door to Gypsy?
a) comic books
b) clothes
c) a haircut
d) all of the above

How much does a haircut cost at Akers Barbershop?
a) 30 cents
b) 50 cents
c) 90 cents
d) 75 cents

What's the name of the folk heroine some people compare Belle to?
a) Grace Kelly
b) Rose Conley
c) Rita Presly
d) Lorna Doone

What is Woodrow referring to when he says: I never wore one of these before.
a) pants that fit
b) a shirt that fits
c) a tie
d) a belt

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