Ancient China Vocab Review Question Preview (ID: 5209)

Review Game For Ancient China Vocabulary Such As Loess, Philosophy, Silk Road, And Extended Family.[print questions]

What is the name for yellow brown soil?
a) loess
b) sand
c) mud
d) top soil

This is a protective wall used to hold water back.
a) dike
b) ditch
c) tunnel
d) terrace

A system of beliefs and values is called....?
a) a philosophy
b) a culture
c) a rule book
d) a code book

What valuable cloth was only made in China during ancient times?
a) silk
b) cotton
c) fleece
d) leather

People who work carrying out the day-to-day tasks of the government are employed in this kind of job.
a) Civil Service
b) Private Sector
c) Education Department
d) The Royal Palace

What was the ancienct trade route between China and the West called?
a) The Silk Road
b) The Rich Road
c) The Road West
d) The Path to Riches

In China it was very common for ____________ to live together.
a) extended family
b) sisters
c) fishermen
d) many family in a village

What philosopher and teacher influenced Chinese life?
a) Confucius
b) Liu Bank
c) Wudi
d) Sima Qian

What term describes a local leader of an armed group?
a) warlord
b) chief
c) soldier
d) oldest man in the family

What do you call the type of money used by a nation?
a) currency
b) dollars
c) mula
d) coins

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