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____ speed is the total distance over total time.
a) instantaneous
b) constant
c) average
d) normal

____ is measured in meters, kilometers, or centimeters.
a) distance
b) time
c) speed
d) direction

___ is how far an object has moved.
a) direction
b) motion
c) distance
d) displacement

____ speed is speed at a given point in time, you see this on your car speedometer.
a) constant
b) average
c) normal
d) instantaneous

Time is always plotted on the ____ axis because it is the independent variable.
a) X
b) Y
c) Z
d) W

____ is speed with direction when describing an object's motion.
a) speed
b) acceleration
c) velocity
d) distance

Velocity is a _____ quantity because it contains speed and direction.
a) scalar
b) vector
c) normal
d) distance

What is the speed of the ball that was thrown 4 meters in 2 seconds?
a) 1 m/s
b) 1.5 m/s
c) 2 m/s
d) 2.5 m/s

Bob sleds down the hill for 5 seconds at 5 m/s, what distance did he sled?
a) 25 meters
b) 20 meters
c) 0 meters
d) 1 meter

Hali walks to school which is 4 miles from her house and then walks back home. What was her displacement?
a) 8 miles
b) 10 miles
c) 16 miles
d) 0 miles

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