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What is the function of the cell membrane?
a) Provides cell nutrients
b) Keeps waste
c) Makes proteins
d) Maintaining homeostasis

Which molecule provides energy
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) ATP

What is the main difference between eukaryotes and prokaryotes?
a) Has ER
b) Has a nucleus
c) Organelles are found only in prokaryotes
d) Contains cytoplasm

Why is cell respiration and photosynthesis opposite?
a) The plant takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen and then the human takes in oxygen & CO2
b) What is release in photosynthesis
c) Photosynthesis occurs at night
d) Respiration only happens during the day

Which organelle make engery in the form of ATP
a) Nucleus
b) Mitochondria
c) ER
d) Rough ER

Which of the following is a producer?
a) Plants
b) Animals
c) Humans
d) Bacteria

Which of the following is biotic factor?
a) Grass
b) Rock
c) Dirt
d) Water

Energy used by producers in a grassland food web is provided by
a) grass
b) animals
c) sunlight
d) oxygen

If the producers contain 100% energy then how much energy does the first level consumer have?
a) 10
b) 5
c) 1
d) 2

In a food pyramid which level contains the greatest amount of energy
a) Tertiary consumers
b) Secondary consumer
c) Primary Consumers
d) Producers

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