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Convection currents form when air temperaturs are
a) different
b) more than 0 degrees C
c) less than 0 degrees C
d) the same

Winds generally blow from _____________ to _____________ over the United States due to a huge convection current over North America and the rotation of Earth
a) east to west
b) south to north
c) north to south
d) west to east

When warm air wises and cold air sinks, it creates a circular movement of air called a
a) front
b) wind tunnel
c) convection current
d) tornado

Which one is not something you should do to prepare for a hurricane?
a) go out fishing
b) store valuables in plastic containers off the ground
c) store food and water and have battery powered radios
d) board up windows and stay inside

Which type of weather most often occurs at fronts?
a) warm winds
b) severe weather conditions
c) stable temperaturs
d) precipitation

Which is true about tornados?
a) tornadoes form in layers of wind
b) tornadoes can form dangerous storm surges
c) tornadoes get their energy from warm waters
d) tornadoes can last for several days

Which is not an instrument that meteoroligists use to forecast weather?
a) rain guage
b) stethoscope
c) barometer
d) thermometer

The instrument used to measure wind direction is a
a) barometer
b) hygrometer
c) wind vane
d) thermometer

Most weather occurs in the
a) stratosphere
b) troposphere
c) lithosphere
d) geosphere

Areas of _______________ pressure usually brings warm, sunny, dry weather
a) cold
b) warm
c) high
d) low

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