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Who found the shape of DNA?
a) Watson and Crick
b) Crick and Hooke
c) Watson and Hooke
d) Hooke and Van Leeuwenhoek

What is the shape of DNA called?
a) nucleotide
b) nitrogen bases
c) double helix
d) rubix cube

What are the sides of the DNA molecule made of?
a) sugar and adenine
b) hydrogen and nitrogen
c) phosphate and hydrogen
d) sugar and phosphate

If you unravel DNA, how long will it be?
a) 3 feet long
b) 6 feet long
c) 6 inches long
d) 23 inches long

What is directly attached to the nitrogen bases on the sides of a DNA strand?
a) sugar
b) phosphate
c) ethanol
d) adenine

What are chromosomes made of?
a) cells
b) ribosomes
c) DNA
d) organs

When DNA makes an exact copy of itself, what is it called?
a) proteins
b) cell division
c) reproduction
d) replication

Which is the correct order of DNA replication?
a) DNA unzips, new cell is formed with the exact DNA, nitrogen bases pair up
b) nitrogen bases pair up, DNA unzips, new cell is formed with the exact DNA
c) DNA unzips, nitrogen bases pair up, new cell is formed with the exact DNA
d) nitrogen bases pair up, new cell is formed with the exact DNA, DNA unzips

What can a mutation in DNA replication cause?
a) mitosis
b) cancer
c) metamorphosis
d) meiosis

What connects the nitrogen bases together?
a) nitrogen bond
b) nitrogen base
c) hydrogen bond
d) hydrogen base

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