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Ch. 9 Review Questions.[print questions]

Which statement about bases is incorrect?
a) All bases turn red litmus paper blue
b) All bases contain hydroxide ions
c) All bases taste bitter
d) All bases feel slippery

Acids are substances that...
a) Form hydronium ions when dissolved in water
b) Turn red litmus paper blue
c) Make foods taste bitter
d) React with neutral liquids to form bases

The pH of a substance is a measure of its
a) Boiling point
b) Food value
c) Ability to mix with water
d) Hydronium ion concentration

When dissolved in water, all acids will...
a) Form hydroxide ions
b) Have a negative charge
c) Conduct electricity
d) Turn blue

The label on a bottle indicates that the substance inside has a pH of 13. This tells you that the substance is...
a) Neutral
b) Strongly acidic
c) Mildly basic
d) Strongly basic

When a solution of an acid reacts with a solution of a base, the pH of the resulting solution depends on the ...
a) Amounts of acid and base used
b) Concentration of base alone
c) Temperature of the acid and base used
d) Concentration of acid alone

Which of the following is a basic solution?
a) Household ammonia
b) HCl dissolved in water
c) vinegar
d) pure water

What is a salt?
a) A solution that contains a strong acid
b) An ionic compound that does not contain oxide or hydroxide anions
c) A solution that contains more anions than cations and is strongly acidic
d) A substance formed by mixing two strong acid together

Which of the following is a base?
a) Lactose
b) Baking Soda
c) Aspirin
d) Lemon Juice

Ions that do not change during a chemical reaction are called...
a) Spectator ions
b) Hydronium ions
c) Monatomic ions
d) Hydroxide ions

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