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The process in which mRNA is created from DNA is:
a) Transcription
b) Translation
c) Transformation
d) Transmission

The process in which polypeptides are created from mRNA
a) Translation
b) Transcription
c) Transformation
d) Transmission

Polypeptides are:
a) Chains of amino acids used to make protein
b) Full size protein molecules
c) Used to create amino acids
d) Long chains of amino acids

Proteins are:
a) Long chains of amino acids
b) Short chains of amino acids
c) Used to create amino acids
d) No necessary for life

Transcription happens in:
a) The nucleus
b) Ribosomes
c) Mitochondrion
d) The cytoplasm

Translation happens in:
a) Ribosomes
b) Nucleus
c) Nucleolus
d) Mitochondrion

In the DNA, the base A pairs with:
a) T
b) C
c) G
d) U

In Transcription and translation, the base A pairs with:
a) U
b) T
c) G
d) C

The base C pairs with:
a) G
b) T
c) A
d) U

Amino Acids are attached to:
a) tRNA
b) mRNA
c) rRNA
d) sRNA

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