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How many strands does DNA have
a) 2
b) 3
c) 5
d) 6

What does abiotic mean?
a) Non living
b) Living
c) Biology
d) I do not know

Which of the following would be a benfit of a mutation
a) Mitosis becomes a favored means of reproduction
b) Phentypic advantage over other organisms
c) Having to many body parts
d) Having to much genetic material.

Name the shape of DNA
a) Helical
b) Straight
c) Circle
d) Square

If a cow has 16 chromosomes in each of its body cells, how many chromosomes will be in each duaghter cell after mitosis?
a) 8
b) 3
c) 23
d) 16

Before DNA replication can take place what must happen first
a) Seperation of the DNA
b) Transcription
c) Translation
d) RNA

mRNA- UGG UUA- What did the DNA segment look like?
c) ATC

Changing from DNA to RNA is called
a) Replication
b) Transcription
c) Translation
d) Cell Divison

When DNA seperates into 2 individual strands they are identicial to what?
a) Daughter Strand
b) Father Strand
c) Nucleus
d) Parent Strand

A mutation in the DNA can result in?
a) Mutation in the Parent cell
b) Producing a organism with extra body parts.
c) A protein being made
d) Mutation in the DNA of a gamete and it can be passed on to offspring

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