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Which search method will provide Bill with a way to request a ride from home to the airport in Spanish?
a) Different Lanuage support
b) Math equivalents
c) Phone book
d) Spelling

When AND is used in a search, such as in the search string heart disease AND smoking. The results are:
a) narrowed
b) expanded
c) compiled
d) omitted

Sara used a meta-search engine and a search engine to search for information about identity theft. When she compared the results of the two searches, the meta-search engineretur
a) fewer, but more relevant results.
b) fewer, less relevant results.
c) more, but less relevant results
d) more duplicate results.

To search for data on the broad topic of the human genome and want more reliable results than from a keyword search.Which search tool will provide the best selection for the topic?
a) Subject directory
b) Individual search engine
c) Meta-search engine
d) Web crawler

Which search tools will provide the highest volume of results for a travel agent who is searching online airline reservations?
a) Individual search engine
b) Meta-search engine
c) Research database
d) Subject directory

What is the effect of adding more related words to a search string?
a) Fewer, but more relevant results
b) Fewer, less relevant results
c) More, but less relevant results
d) More duplicate results

Which search method will provide Bill with the information he needs to calculate a tip for the cab driver who transported him to the airport?
a) Math equivalents
b) Different Lanuage support
c) Phone book
d) Spelling

Which search tool should Mary use to find educational research related specifically to North Carolina birds?
a) Subject directory
b) Research database
c) Meta-search engine
d) Individual search engine

All of the following words are included in your search(Paris,museums, art, France and locations). You now include the word and between each word. What will the results be?
a) narrowed
b) expanded
c) compiled
d) omitted

Which search method would you use following equation 3 + 4 =7?
a) Math Equivalents
b) Different language support
c) Phonebook
d) Spelling

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