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Review Of Key Events In The Revolutionary War.[print questions]

Who alerted the minute men of the British plan to attack Concord?
a) John Hancock
b) Thomas Paine
c) Samuel Adams
d) Paul Revere

The British chose to attack Concord because
a) It was the capitol of Massachusetts
b) It was where John Adams lived
c) It was where the Patriots kept thier weapons and supplies
d) It was on a river

The first battle of the Revolutionary War is called
a) The battle of bunker hillq
b) The battle of Ticonderoga
c) Lexington and Concord
d) Valley Forge

Act of protest in which the Sons of Liberty destroyed crates of Britsh tea
a) The Boston Massacre
b) The Boston Tea Party
c) The Battle of Bunker Hill
d) The French and Indian war

The French and Indian War was fought over
a) Taxation
b) Control of the Ohio River Valley
c) Rights of citizens
d) Religion

Who were allies in the French and Indian War
a) The British and the Indians
b) The French and the Indians
c) The colonists and the French
d) The French and the British

The Boston Massacre was a
a) small pox epidemic that killed large numbers of Native Americans
b) Noisy protest against Stamp Act by the Sons of Liberty
c) Fierce battle that took place in Boston during the French and Indian War
d) Deadly riot between colonists and British soldiers stationed in Boston

What was the main impact of Common Sense on the colonies?
a) It persuaded many colonists to fight for independence
b) It reminded colonists that they owed loyalty to King George III
c) It encouraged colonists to seek peace with England
d) It convinced many colonists not to go to war with England

The Declaration of Independence was written to explain
a) Why the colonists thought "Taxation without Representation" was unfair
b) What Britain needed to do to win back the loyalty of the colonists
c) Why it was time for the colonies to separate from England
d) What other nations could do to help the colonies

The day the Declaration of INdependence was approved in 1776 is celebrated today as
a) Thanksgiving Day
b) Independence Day
c) Memorial Day
d) Veterans Day

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