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American colonists who believed that they had the right to govern themselves
a) Loyalists
b) Communists
c) Patriots
d) Pilgrims

The law making body of England
a) Parliament
b) Executive Branch
c) Federation
d) House of Burgesses

A formal agreement between to nations
a) Allies
b) Contract
c) Treaty
d) Petition

Professional soldiers who would fight for anyone who would pay them
a) Minute Men
b) Milita
c) Guerillas
d) Mercenaries

Person guilty of the crime of treason or disloyalty to the government
a) Delegate
b) Loyalist
c) Patriot
d) Traitor

A small army made up of ordinary citizens who are available to fight in an emergency
a) Milita
b) Regiment
c) Mercenary
d) Guerilla

American colonists who were loyal to the British government
a) Traitor
b) Guerillas
c) Patriot
d) Loyalist

To refuse to buy one or more goods from a certain source
a) Petition
b) Sit in
c) Protest
d) Boycott

A person authorized to act as a representative for another
a) traitor
b) patriot
c) delegate
d) guerilla

Information that appeals to one's emotions and is spread for the purpose of promoting a cause
a) Propaganda
b) advertisment
c) Pamphlet
d) Petition

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