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These are the building blocks of rocks
a) pyrite
b) chemicals
c) minerals
d) properties

The way light bounces off a rock is called
a) luster
b) shininess
c) streak
d) hardness

What are the three categories of rocks called?
a) igneous, metamorphic, basalt
b) igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary
c) sedimentary, metamorphic, granite
d) igneous, obsidian, sedimentary

This describes the age of something compared with the age of another thing.
a) relativitiy
b) oldest
c) relationship
d) relative age

Metamorphic rocks are changed in form through what processes
a) heat and pressure
b) heat and/or pressure
c) heat and erosion
d) heat and/or erosion

This is a never-ending process by which rocks are changed from one type into another.
a) rock formation
b) formation process
c) rock process
d) rock cycle

This is a mark made by pressing
a) imprint
b) impression
c) cast
d) mold

Minerals that seep into hollow spaces in rock might form a
a) mold
b) fossil
c) cast
d) imprint

The best way to identify a mineral sample is to
a) observe its color and luster
b) scratch it with different materials
c) streak it on a plate
d) all of the above

Which of these is LEAST likely to become a fossil?
a) feather
b) bone
c) shell
d) tooth

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