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Acceleration can by calculated by:
a) Initial speed-final speed/time
b) Time/speed
c) Final speed – initial speed/time
d) Initial speed x final speed

Acceleration occurs whenever an object:
a) Speeds Up
b) Slows Down
c) Changes direction
d) All of the above

_______________is the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion:
a) Inertia
b) Velocity
c) Momentum
d) Force

The _________________ of an object in motion is related to how hard it is to stop the object
a) velocity
b) momentum
c) speed
d) direction

Momentum can be calculated by using the following equation:
a) P= M X V
b) P= M + V
c) P=M-V
d) P=M/V

Momentum is transferred from one object to another in:
a) time
b) mass
c) speed
d) collision

Which of the following is NOT accelerating?
a) A jogger moving at a constant speed
b) A car that is slowing down
c) Earth orbiting the Sun
d) A car that is speeding up

To calculate the average speed you must:
a) Divide the distance by the time
b) Time divided by speed
c) add time and distance
d) none of the above

____ is the change in velocity (Sf - Si) divided by the time
a) velocity
b) speed
c) acceleration
d) momentum

Two or more forces are __________________ if they cancel each other out.
a) balanced
b) unbalanced
c) heavy
d) None of the above

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