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A factor that is changed within a experiment is called —
a) Control
b) Hypothesis
c) Theory
d) Variable

The amount of liquid in a coffee cup would most likely be measured in which units?
a) Milliliters
b) Centimeters
c) Grams
d) Cubic centimenters

When looking at a graph, the independent variable can be found on which axis?
a) X axis
b) Y axis
c) T axis
d) None of the above

A graph that shows changes over time?
a) Pie/Circle Graph
b) Line Graph
c) Bar Graph
d) Dotted Graph

Charles wants to see if miracle grow really affects plant growth. What is the dependent variable?
a) Miracle Grow
b) The type of Plant
c) Plant growth
d) The type of soil

The factor in the experiment that remains the same.
a) Control
b) Constant
c) Variable
d) Independent variable

A student has gathered all the data needed to answer her question and has even developed a hypothesis. What should she do next?
a) State the question
b) Make a hypothesis
c) Design an experiement
d) Draw Conclusions

The effect of catnip on on cat alertness. What is the independent variable?
a) Catnip
b) Cat alertness
c) The number of cats
d) None of the above

Finish the sentence. The dependent variable
a) Changes all the time
b) Changes in response to changing the independent variable
c) Changes in response to changing the constants
d) Never changes

The level of the independent variable that does not receive the treatment.
a) Independent Variable
b) Constant
c) Control
d) Dependent Variable

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