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Which expression is equivalent to 10!/8!?
a) 5/4
b) 5!/4!
c) 10*9*8
d) 10*9

A building is in the shape of a pyramid. Each side of the pyramid’s square base has a length of 40 feet and its height is 60 feet. What is the volume of the pyramid?
a) 2,400 ft.^3
b) 7,200 ft^3
c) 32,000 ft^3
d) 96,000 ft^3

Which ordered pair is the solution of the system of linear equations: 2X-5Y=-6 and 2X-7Y= -14
a) (7/6, 5/3)
b) (28,10)
c) (-14/3, 2/3)
d) (7,4)

A rectangular piece of paper measures 10 centimeters wide by 17 centimeters long. What is the length of the paper’s diagonal to the nearest centimeter?
a) 14 cm
b) 17 cm
c) 20 cm
d) 27 cm

What is the theoretical probability that a 3-colored spinner will land on the same color 2 times in a row?
a) 3/3
b) 6/9
c) 3/9
d) 1/9

In a vote on how to raise money for a class trip, 3/4 of the students voted to sell candy. 60 students voted in favor of the sale.What is the total number of students who voted?
a) 90
b) 80
c) 75
d) 45

If x = 5, what is the value of -8x + 3?
a) -43
b) -37
c) 6
d) 10

Which of these numbers would be closest to 0 on a number line?
a) -1
b) 2/3
c) 5
d) -3.5

If f(x)= x^2 - 1 and g(x)= 2X, what is f(g(X)) when x= 4?
a) 63
b) 30
c) 23
d) 7

Simplify: (a^4b^6 - x^8) / (a^2b^3 + x^4)
a) a^6b^9 + x^4
b) a^6b^9 - x^4
c) a^2b^3 - x^4
d) a^2b^3 + x^4

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