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What is an organized collection of related information called?
a) Database
b) Spreadsheet
c) Presentation
d) Word Processing

Sorting from largest to smallest. Example: Z-A or 9-0.
a) Descending
b) Ascending
c) Mapping
d) Searching

What is one piece or item of informtion in a database?
a) Entry
b) Row
c) Field name
d) Column

What might a doctor's office use a database?
a) keep track of patient appointments
b) Make a diagnosis of a sick patient
c) Produce pruchase orders for new equipment
d) Print all employees' paychecks

A complete set of field entries is called a ___.
a) Record
b) Row
c) Column
d) Field

What should be done once a new database has been created?
a) SAve
b) Sort
c) Search
d) Print

Which of the following is an important feature of spreadsheets and databases that will place data into a specific order/
a) Sorting
b) Arranging
c) Spell Checking
d) Formatting

What type of software is designed to act as an electronic filing cabinet organizing collections of data/
a) Database
b) Spreadsheet
c) Word Processing
d) Presentation

What is another term for categroies when creating a database?
a) Field
b) File
c) Entry
d) Record

A label at the top of a database column that describes the kind of information to be stored in the column is a ___.
a) Field name
b) Field column
c) Column heading
d) Column title

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