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A group of two or more computers or other devices that communicates with each other to share resources
a) Network
b) Internet
c) LAN
d) Intranet

The world-wide web collection of networks that communicates with each other, contains resources that make up the World Wide Web and is the largest example of a WAN.
a) Internet
b) Intranet
c) Network
d) WAN

A network with two or more networks; it can be used to connect a single computer to a network in another area, or it can connect two or more networks together that are separated la
a) WAN
b) Network
c) Internet
d) Intranet

What is a type of network?
a) LAN
b) CPU
c) ALU
d) ROM

Which of the following criteria should you look for when evaluating the conten of a Web resource?
a) depth of coverage, accuracy of information given, and valid, unbroken links
b) accruacy of information given
c) reference to other search engines
d) subject-appropriateness of material

A URL ___.
a) is a standard way of specifying the location of a Web page on the Internet
b) is the webpage that is loaded when you launch your Web browser
c) containg the domain of the current page
d) is text or a graphic element embedded in a Web page that you can click to go to another Web page

Graphic images that can be added to a publication are called ___.
a) Cipart
b) Fonts
c) AVI
d) WAV

Which one of the following in NOT a graphic file format?
a) AVI
c) BMP
d) GIF

What is the difference between bitmap and vector images?
a) bitmap images are made of tiny dots; vector images are made of separately defined shapes
b) bitmap images are color; vector images are black and white
c) bitmap images cannot be edited; vecotr images can be edited
d) bitmap images can be cropped; vector images cannot be cropped

What kind of organization would most likely have a URL that ends with the suffix .edu?
a) a school
b) a government agency
c) a non-profit organization
d) a business

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