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What are the physical parts of the computer?
a) Hardware
b) Software
c) Input
d) Storage

What is the BRAIN of the computer?
a) CPU
b) ROM
c) CLS
d) RAM

An electronic device that receives data, processes data, stores data, and produces a result (output).
a) computer
b) classroom
c) laser
d) printer

What type of memory is short term, where data, information, and program instructins is stored temporarily?
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) WAN
d) CPU

Monitor, speakers, printers, and modem are examples of ___.
a) Output devices
b) Input devices
c) Processing devices
d) Storage devices

Which application software is used to write letters and reports?
a) Word processor
b) database
c) spreadsheet
d) graphics

What sources must be given credit when you include the words or ideas of others in a document?
a) All of these
b) Internet and CD-ROM
c) Television and Movies
d) Books and Magazines

A feature that lets the user keep typing when the end of a line is reached by automatically moving words to the next line is called ___.
a) Word wrap
b) scrolling
c) block movements
d) spell check

What is the printed copy of data?
a) Hard Copy
b) Soft Copy
c) Final Copy
d) New Copy

What is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do called?
a) Software
b) Hardware
c) LAN
d) WAN

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