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What is computer ethics?
a) using computers for good purposes
b) using computers to create viruses
c) using computers to make money
d) using computers to create software

Why would people be very careful about giving out their personal information over the internet?
a) All of these
b) It is impossible to be 100% sure who you are communicating with over the Internet
c) Information might not be used in the way a web page says it will be used
d) giving out your personal information might give people access to your private records

The purpose of the districts' ____ is to set guidelines aobut using computer networks, including the Internet.
a) Acceptable Use Policy
b) Copyright Policy
c) Fair Use Act
d) Parody

How is a computer protected from a virus?
a) Install an antivirus program
b) copy all files to a disk
c) pruchase a lock
d) backup all software files

Who is the person who breaks into your computer files with bad intentions?
a) Hacker
b) Technologist
c) Pirate
d) Friend

Which of these is NOT considered a Computer Ethics Violation?
a) Fair Use Clause
b) Computer Hacking
c) Computer Piracy
d) Intentional Virus Setting

___ is a deliberate act of sending or posting offensive, harmful, cruel, or otherwise disrespectful text or images using the Internet or other communication technology.
a) cyberbullying
b) bullfrogging
c) blogging
d) text messaging

Which is not necessary to connect to the Internet?
a) Scanner
b) Modem
c) Browser
d) ISP

Electronic mail can NOT be used for sending what?
a) a package to a friend
b) a message to a friend
c) attachments
d) image files

Which of these is a correctly written URL?
a) http\www\
c) http//

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