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The G key is struck by the
a) left index finger
b) left middle finger
c) left ring finger
d) left pinky finger

The most common arrangement of keyboards is the ___ keyboard.
d) JKL;

The J K L ; home row keys are struck by the
a) right hand
b) left hand
c) either hand

When typing a capital letter with your RIGHT hand you should use which shift key?
a) left shift key
b) right shift key
c) Caps Lock key
d) Num Lock key

The A S D F home row keys are struck by the
a) left hand
b) right hand
c) either hand

The Left Shift key is struck by the
a) Left pinky finger
b) Left ring finger
c) Right pinky finger
d) Right ring finger

Natalie was timed for 1 minute and keyed 35 words. What is the score called?
a) Gross Words a Minute
b) Timed Words a Minute
c) Generated Words a Minute
d) Speed per Minute

The B key is struck by
a) left index finger
b) left ring finger
c) left pinky finger
d) left middle finger

When typing the following word STAR, which key would you use?
a) Caps Lock Key
b) Num Lock Key
c) Right Shift Key
d) Left Shift Key

Your pointer fingers should rest on the ___ and ___keys, the two keys with the ridges.
a) F and J
b) G and H
c) D and K
d) no keys

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