Workplace Health And Safety Question Preview (ID: 51188)

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A near miss is defined as _____________.
a) a lucky escape
b) a hazard that causes injury, illness or damage
c) having the potential to cause injury, illness or damage - but didn't
d) an event that could not have been prevented

When an employee reports a health and safety concern, they must report it first to this person?
a) Dept. of Labour and Advanced Education
b) their manager/supervisor
c) the health and safety committee
d) nearest co-worker

The NS Occupational Health and Safety Act is based on this?
a) Internal Responsibility System
b) best practices
c) rules and regulations
d) lawsuits

____________________ is demonstrated by our actions before an event occurs, not after.
a) Internal Responsibility System
b) Safety knowledge
c) Due diligence
d) Documentation

All employees have three basic rights, the right to ____________________________.
a) know, participate and refuse
b) see, hear and tell
c) work, refuse and understand
d) know, report and refuse

The NS Occupational Health and Safety Act and OHS Regulations lay out the _________________ requirements for health and safety in workplaces.
a) maximum
b) employee
c) minimum
d) best

People are responsible for OHS within their ability and ___________.
a) knowledge
b) authority
c) tools
d) title

OHS promotes and maintains the physical, mental well-being of all workers in all occupations.
a) True
b) False

A safety observation is an event, working condition or behavior that you believe could result in a near miss or incident.
a) True
b) False

Workplace health and safety is the responsibility of _________
a) your Deputy Minister
b) everyone at the workplace
c) your manager/supervisor
d) Dept. of Labour and Advanced Education

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