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What example is a complete style rule?
a) body font:red;
b) font:red;
c) body red;
d) body font:red

What is the attribute required for accessabilty?
a) title/alt
b) width
c) height
d) target

Are the links within the site absolute or relative?
a) Relative
b) absolute

Which image file works on web?.
a) png
b) tiff
c) psd
d) bmp

Which image file works on web?
a) gif
b) ai
c) bmp
d) raw

Which image file works on web?
a) jpg
b) psd
c) tiff
d) eps

What code do you need in your path to get out of a directory?
a) ../
b) ./
c) /..
d) up/

the image element needs what attribute?
a) src
b) path
c) href
d) col

The declaration starts and ends with what ?
a) Braces (Curly Brackets)
b) ()
c) ;
d) :

List the two elements of Property value pairs.
a) property:value;
b) property
c) value
d) selector

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