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American Revolution causes
a) more land
b) sugar act only
c) people were not happy
d) sugar act, stamp act, tea act

River Valley
a) nice place to swim
b) led to taxes
c) where the DI was written
d) na

Economy of the Colonies
a) poor
b) na
c) no answer
d) good

French and Indian War
a) England and France
b) Brazil and Africa
c) na
d) Iran and America

Government of the Colonies
a) Joint Stock Co
b) na
c) governtment of teh states
d) thomas jefferson

Religious Dissenters
a) Williams, Hutchinson, Hooker
b) na
c) na
d) Barner, jones, howard

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
a) First written book
b) na
c) First written consititution
d) First written instructions

Mayflower Compact
a) first social networking site, started republican party
b) First social contact in the new world
c) na
d) na

Founding Colonies
a) Baptists, Indians, Paul Revere, Servants
b) Pilgrims, Puritans, Catholics, Quakers
c) na
d) na

What are the 3 reagions of the 13 colonies?
a) New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies
b) New Jersery, New Zealand, Swiss Colonies
c) Both 1 and 2
d) na

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