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A substance that undergoes a change in a chemical reaction is
a) a product
b) an enzyme
c) a reactant
d) a chemical

In an exothermic reaction, energy is transferred from
a) the reactas to the surrondings
b) the container to the chemicals
c) one reactant to another
d) the surrondings to the reactants

The energy source in photosynthesis is
a) light energy
b) chemical energy
c) heat energy
d) kinetic energy

A synthesis reaction is a reaction between at least two compounds in which
a) one breaks down into at least two products
b) a compound is decomposed by an electric current
c) a compound burns in the presence of oxygen
d) a new, more complex compound is formed

The product of the synthesis reaction between sodium and chlorine gas is
a) polyethylene
b) carbon dioxide
c) sodium chloride
d) copper (II) chloride

A chemical equation is balanced by changing or adding
a) chemical symbols
b) subscripts
c) coefficients
d) reactants

In a balanced chemical reaction, the total mass of the products always equals the
a) molar mass of the reactants
b) atomic mass of the reactants
c) total mass of the reactants
d) proportional masses of the reactants

Large, bulky molecules react more slowly than small ones because they have less opportunity to
a) become heated
b) be mixed with catalysts
c) collide with other molecules
d) increase their surface area

When a chemical reaction and its reverse are occuring at the same time and at the same rate, the reaction has achieved
a) displacement
b) equilibrium
c) imbalance
d) decomposition

Le Chatelier's principle states that increasing temperature favors a reaction that
a) releases energy as heat
b) absorbs energy as heat
c) involves a chemical catalyst
d) involves an enzyme

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