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What is a governor?
a) head of the community you live in
b) head of the United States
c) head of the United States Military
d) head of the state

What is local government?
a) the government in each state
b) the government in each city or community
c) the government of the United States
d) none of the above

What is a city council?
a) a group of elected people who help make the laws for the city
b) a group of people that yell at the mayor
c) a group of people that tell the governor how to run the state
d) a group of people that are picked by the governor to run each city or town

What is a town meeting?
a) a yearly gathering all the presidents of the United States
b) a yearly gathering of town people that discuss and vote on community laws and rules
c) a monthly meeting of the city council
d) none of the above

What is research?
a) looking for clues to a mystery
b) looking for information specifically about our president
c) looking for various information on a specific topic
d) playing games on the Internet

What is a reference book?
a) a fantasy story
b) a non-fiction story
c) a non-fiction book that can't be taken out of the library
d) a fiction book containing made up facts about people

What is an encyclopdiea?
a) books about made up creatures
b) songs about animals
c) a book with facts about people, places, things, and events
d) a bedtime story

What are guide words?
a) words on the top of a page that tell you what the whole page is about
b) words on the top of a page that tell the first and last subjects that appear on the pages
c) words in the middle of the page that tell what subjects on are on the pages
d) all of the above

What is a non-fiction book?
a) a book about made up things that can't really happen in life
b) a book real people, places, and events
c) a book of sports highlights
d) a fake story made up by the author

What is an author?
a) a person who writes words in a book
b) a person who writes songs and places them in other people's books
c) a person who draws the pictures in a book
d) a person who reads the story

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