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Scientists can put all things in the universe into two different groups, by ?
a) Hot and Cold
b) Tall and Short
c) High and Wide
d) Living or Non-Living

Scientists put things into groups by?
a) Things they can see and observe.
b) How things can be used by humans.
c) Their DNA.
d) Their size and shape.

Scientist put mammals into the same group because they share?
a) DNA
b) Hair and Cold Blooded
c) Hair and Warm Blooded
d) A healthy lifestyle.

Mammals, Fish, Reptiles and Amphibians are put into the same group cause they all have?
a) TV shows
b) A backbone
c) Gills
d) Feathers

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order Family Genus Species is?
a) To help you remember, Kings play cards on fat green stools.
b) Latin words nobody knows what they mean.
c) The Scientific Classification System.
d) Do not have a clue.

The Scientific name given to all animals is really just its.
a) Kingdome and phylum.
b) Family and order.
c) Phylum and class.
d) Genus and species.

All fish are put into a group because of the following characteristics.
a) Cold Blooded and Lay Eggs
b) Warm Blooded and Lay Eggs
c) Hair and Gills
d) Gills and make Milk

Why is the Scientific Classification System always changing?
a) Scientists are always learning more and new things about life.
b) By law we have to change every 10 years.
c) Most scientists have ADHD.
d) Things never change.

Plants are put in a different group than animals because?
a) Animals can move.
b) Plants can make their own food.
c) Plants have a cell wall.
d) All the answers are correct.

Why doe Scientists use Field Guides or Dichotomous Keys?
a) To help Identify living things they have never seen before?
b) So they can find out where they are going?
c) To start their Toyota Prius
d) To find out who owns the field.

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