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Which of the following procedures is NOT performed during the evaluate phase of the ADDIE model?
a) Collect evaluation data to determine if the project is producing the desired results.
b) Determine if revisions need to be made to the next version of the product.
c) Develop a CD cover.
d) Determine if product sales are meeting expectations.

A visual/picture representation of a project is called a?
a) Alpha Test
b) Storyboard
c) Course Objective List
d) Course Outline

Which phase of the ADDIE model should require the most time to complete?
a) Develop
b) Implement
c) Analyze
d) Design

The phase of the ADDIE model that includes such activities as writing the course outline, deciding on color schemes and storyboarding is the?
a) Develop Phase
b) Integration Phase
c) Dialog Phase
d) Design Phase

SME means?
a) Subject Money Expert
b) Story Matter Expert
c) Subject Matter Expert
d) Story Money Expert

The design of one complete screen, page, frame, etc. of a multimedia project is called a? The purpose is to show the color scheme, look and feel, and navigation of a project.
a) First-Breadth Prototype
b) First-Version Prototype
c) First-Series Prototype
d) First-Depth Prototype

The overall blueprint for a project including objectives, course outline, flowchart, storyboards, etc. is the?
a) Alpha Test
b) Design Document
c) Target Audience Survey
d) Beta Test

Which of the following procedures are NOT performed during the develop phase of the ADDIE design model?
a) Author or produce the project.
b) Conduct Alpha and Beta tests.
c) Acquire and/or produce all necessary media for the project.
d) Create prototypes.

A beta test is typically conducted with
a) group of employees
b) students
c) target audience group
d) designers

The steps to the ADDIE design model are?
a) analyze, design, develop, import and export
b) analyze, develop, design, import and export
c) analyze, develop, design, implement and evaluate
d) analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate

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