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What superstition did Belle pass on to Woodrow and then Woodrow pass on to Gypsy?
a) That a sin eater freed a dead person from sin by eating the food on top of the casket
b) That there was a place behind the shack where another world was acessible
c) That winter was coming early if the wooly worms already had their thick coats on in September
d) That when you died, you were allowed to relive one day of your life over.

Who is Dee Olivia?
a) A girl in Gypsy & Woodrow's class
b) Ruth White's daughter
c) Ruth White's childhood friend
d) One of the Dotson twins

How old is Blind Benny? (you'll have to do some math, p 177-179)
a) 46
b) 52
c) 42
d) 49

Where did Gypsy and Woodrow plan to keep their treasures?
a) Behind the Frigidaire
b) Buried in the orchard
c) In the tree house
d) In Gypsy's dresser by the window

How long was it between Belle's disappearance and when Woodrow came to live with Granny & Grandpa Ball?
a) 1 year
b) 6 months
c) 2 years
d) 3 months

What date and time did Belle disappear?
a) 5:00am on a warm Saturday in October
b) 5:00am on a warm Sunday in October
c) 5:00pm on a warm Sunday in August
d) 5:00pm on a cool Sunday in November

What are Woodrow and Gypsy to each other?
a) brother and sister
b) uncle and niece
c) first cousins
d) aunt and nephew

What inspired Ruth White to write ab out a disappearance?
a) A radio report stating 2 young siblings had been found in a home with no parents in sight
b) A TV show depicting a lost dog looking for his owner
c) A newspaper story in which a orphan found her mother after 33 years
d) a comic book story in which a man vanished while walking across a field

What kind of apples were in the orchard
a) Golden Delicious
b) Red Delicious
c) Pink Lady
d) Jazz

How much did it cost for one adult to get in to the movies?
a) 90 cents
b) 50 cents
c) 30 cents
d) one dollar

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