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What is a dilemma?
a) deciding which pizza to order
b) having 2 choices---both of them are not options you really want to choose between
c) an easy choice
d) deciding between my 2 favorite flavors of ice cream

Why did European traders come to West Africa?
a) trade cloth, rum, salt, guns, and other goods for slaves
b) to explore the area
c) a weekend get away
d) for adventure

Most slaves in the West Indies and North America were bought to work
a) on plantations
b) in factories
c) in restaurants
d) none of these answers

Which words describe the conditions of a slave ship?
a) lots of rats, lice, and rats
b) crowded
c) smelly and hot
d) all of these answers

What happened to Africans when they arrived in the colonies?
a) sold in scrambles or public sales
b) sold at slave auctions
c) separated from family members
d) all of these answers

Whose job was it to oversee the work of slaves?
a) overseer
b) plantation owner
c) auctioneer
d) none of these answers

How did slaves cope with their harsh lives?
a) all of these answers
b) run away to freedom
c) pretend to not understand what they were told to do
d) work hard and do what they were ordered to do

Triangular trade was
a) exchange of slaves and goods between Europe, the Americas, and West Africa
b) exchange of slaves and goods between Asia, Canada, and Eastern Africa
c) exchange of slaves and goods between South America, North America, and Asia
d) none of these answers

Can you draw the route used for the Middle Passage?
a) yep---from West Africa to the islands of the West Indies, to the American continent
b) hmmmm---I'm not sure. I think I could if I could use my textbook
c) Of course----now wait a minute-----let me think on that
d) maybe. . . . . .

Reread page 103. Can you explain what was traded for slaves from Africa?
a) In the West Indies slaves grew sugarcane.
b) Sugarcane was turned into sugar and molasses.
c) Goods (rum, tobacco, and lumber) from America were taken and sold in Europe.
d) All of these answers explain the movement of people and goods through the triangular trade route.

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