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What was the name for the people who volunteered to help defend the Republic of Texas?
a) Houston Police
b) Texas Rangers
c) Texas Force
d) United States Army

Honor the Texas flag; I pledge ____________ to ________,
a) my love to Texas
b) myself to Texas
c) my loyalty to the
d) allegiance to thee

Who was Anson Jones?
a) The last president of Texas
b) The first president of Texas
c) The founder of Texas
d) The president of the United States when Texas was annexed

Texas had many issues during the Republic of Texas years. Which of these issues did NOT occur?
a) Native American attacks (fighting)
b) Debt (loss of money)
c) Mexico attacks (fighting)
d) Oil wells drying up

The Mexican War of 1846, quickly resulted in which of these items?
a) Texas joining the United States
b) Rio Grande being made the Texas/Mexico border
c) The north and south fighting over slavery
d) World War 1

Which battle ended with the capture of Santa Anna?
a) Gonzales
b) Alamo
c) San Jacinto
d) Goliad

If Mrs. Dennis moved to Texas in 1820, she would need to become a citizen of -
a) United States
b) Spain
c) France
d) Mexico

Finish the sentence: Remember the _____________.
a) Alamo
b) Texans
c) War
d) Twin Sisters

Finish the sentence: If you want it, ____________________.
a) Too bad
b) Tough Luck
c) Come and take it
d) Go out and buy one

Who was Sam Houston?
a) U.S. Congressman and Governor of Tennessee
b) The first president of Texas
c) Leader of the Texan troops at San Jacinto
d) All of the above

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