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Which statement below is true regarding what Michelangelo did in Rome from 1496-1500?
a) Michelangelo went to Rome and produced the over-life-size Bacchus.
b) At about the same time as the Bacchus, Michelangelo began his work on the tomb of Julius II.
c) The Madonna of Bruges is the only work that Michelangelo ever signed.
d) Michelangelo completed the Bacchus before the Pieta.

Which statement below about what happened in Florence after the death of Lorenzo the Magnificent in 1492 is false?
a) Piero Medici, not capable of governing Florence with the skill his father,had to flee the city.
b) The Arribiati desired to reestablish an oligarchic republic
c) The Palesch, led by Savonarola and his followers,were the official defenders of the Medici.
d) The Piagnoni, from all levels of society, fought for a purely religious state.

Which statement about the David is false?
a) The high point of Michelangelo's early style is the gigantic (4.34 m/ 14.24 ft) marble David
b) Michelangelo produced the David between 1501 and 1504
c) Michelangelo represented David as an athletic, manly character, concentrated, ready to fight
d) During this time, Florence experienced an easy, happy period

Which statement about Michelangelo's early life in Florence is false?
a) In the household of Lorenzo de' Medici, he met the men who would become Leo X and Clement VII.
b) Michelangelo studied at the sculpture school in the Medici gardens.
c) When Michelangelo turned 13 he agreed to apprentice in the workshop of painter Domenico Ghirlandaio.
d) Ludovico did not want Michelangelo to preserve the Buonarroti position in society.

Which statement below is false regarding Michelangelo' first return to Florence?
a) On August 4th, 1501 Florence was once again a republic.
b) The Arte della Lanaor Wool Guild commissioned Michelangelo to sculpt a statue of David.
c) Michelangelo produced the statue of David between 1501 and 1504, after returning to Florence.
d) The meaning of his David becomes clear if we realize Michelangelo was not devoted to the Republic.

Pope Julius II had some major artistic commissions. Select the list of artistic talents below that includes an artist not used by Pope Julius II.
a) Bramante, Peruzzi, Leonardo da Vinci
b) The Sangallos, Peruzzi, Bramantino
c) Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael
d) Sodoma, The Sangallos, Lorenzo Lottowere

Which answer below does not indicate that Michelangelo had a bad temper?
a) Pope Julius II told Sebastiano del Piombo that Michelangelo is terrible, you can do nothing with him.
b) All sources refer to Michelangelos brusque and rude manners, his difficult character, his touchines.
c) Michelangelo had no pupils, no constant collaborators, used boys from the workshop as assistants.
d) The friendship between Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci is famous.

Which statement below is not something Michelangelo wrote in his diaries about the David?
a) When I returned to Florence, I found myself famous and was asked me to carve a colossal David.
b) My David was an invitation to pause and enjoy the beauty of the Republic.
c) I insisted that the figure should stand before the Palazzo Vecchio, as a symbol of our Republic.
d) I hammered and chiseled at the towering block of marble for three long years.

Which of the statements below about the Pieta is false?
a) Michelangelo created the marble Pietà between 1498-1500.
b) It is still in its original place in Saint Peters Basilica.
c) The Pieta was probably finished before Michelangelo was 25 years old.
d) Michelangelo took hammer and chisel and placed an inscription on the sculpture’s base.

Which statement below is false?
a) Arte della Lanaor Wool Guild was responsible for maintenanc&ornamentation of the Cathedral.
b) Giuliano della Rovere was elected pope Julius II in 1503.
c) The Madonna of Bruges is a marble sculpture created by Michelangelo between 1501-1504.
d) While occupied with the David, Michelangelo completed the mural: the Battle of Cascina.

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