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A chemical reaction that transfers energy from the reactants to the surrounding is referred to as
a) exothermic
b) elemental
c) endothermic
d) endergonic

A change in color is a sign that a(n) _____is taking place
a) endothermic reaction
b) chemical reaction
c) exothermic reaction
d) elemental reaction

Sound is not made of matter because is has no ______ or __________
a) space/time
b) elements/proportions
c) mass/volume
d) ice/water

In a ________ reaction the reactants are broken down into other substances
a) decomposition
b) synthesis
c) endothermic
d) exothermic

A substance is ______________ when it gaines electrons
a) oxidized
b) reduced
c) reversed
d) unhappy

When a reaction is at equillibrium, increasing pressure favors the reaction that produces
a) more gas
b) less gas
c) no gas
d) electrons

A sign that a chemical reaction is taking place is release of energy in the form of __________ or ___________
a) heat, light
b) endothermic, exothermic
c) apple pie, baseball
d) villains, victory

A(n) ____________ reaction is one in which heat is transferred from the surrounding reactants
a) exothermic
b) endothermic
c) combustive
d) redox

A reaction that involves the transfer of ____________ is called a(n) ________reaction
a) electrons, redox
b) more gas, less gas
c) credit, financial
d) heat, light

Equilibrium is achieved when the __________ and ____________________ reactions continue to take place at the same rate
a) forward, reverse
b) hot, cold
c) old, new
d) fast,slow

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