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All of these are likely to speed up the rate of reaction except
a) decreasing the surface area
b) increasing the pressure
c) increasing the temperature
d) adding a catalyst

raising the temperature of a system favors the reaction that
a) absorbs energy
b) is exothermic
c) releases energy
d) is exergonic

In a balanced chemical equation , the mass of the reactants is equal to the
a) atoms in a molecule
b) atomic mass of the elements
c) volume of the reactants
d) mass of the products

A type of reaction that produces an increase in temperature is
a) endothermic
b) exothermic
c) covalent
d) non polar

A reaction in which the products contain more chemical energy that the reactants is
a) exothermic
b) electrical
c) endothermic
d) exergonic

Which of the following occurs in an endothermic reaction but not in an exothermic reaction
a) chemical bonds are broken
b) energy is absorbed
c) molecules are formed
d) atoms are rearranged

The substance that is formed in a chemical reaction is called the
a) polymer
b) reactant
c) radical
d) product

All of the following factors are may speed up a chemical reaction except
a) smaller surface area
b) higher pressure
c) higher temperature
d) presence of a catalyst

Fragments of molecules that have at least one electron available for bonding are called
a) ions
b) orbits
c) protons
d) radicals

a release of energy is a sign that
a) a chemical change is taking place
b) a physical change has occured
c) oxygen is present
d) organic chemicals are present

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