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Enzymes are best classified as...
a) proteins that speed up chemical reactions
b) lipids that insulate and protect the body
c) carbohydrates that provide energy
d) proteins that store genetic information

Digestion of an enzyme would produce...
a) fatty acids
b) amino acids
c) nucleotides
d) monosaccharides

What is the name of the molecule which attaches to an enzyme during reaction?
a) substrate
b) active site
c) substance
d) nucleotide

What happens when enzymes are added to a reaction?
a) the rate of reaction slows
b) the rate of reaction increases
c) the rate of reaction does not change
d) the enzymes are destroyed

Which is true of enzymes?
a) enzymes are not destroyed in reaction
b) enzymes are not reused in reaction
c) enzymes are not specific
d) enzymes are not proteins

An enzyme will break down starch but not egg white. This illustrates that enzymes are...
a) generic
b) specific
c) powerful
d) useless

Increasing temperature decreases the function of an enzyme. Why?
a) heat changes the shape of the enzyme
b) enzyme shape is not important
c) temperature must be perfect
d) heat does not affect enzyme function

Catalase speeds the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. Catalase is a(n)...
a) nucleic acid
b) monosaccharide
c) enzyme
d) lipid

RNA polymerase is a protein that controls transcription of DNA into mRNA. It is a(n)...
a) lipid
b) protein
c) nucleic acid
d) monosaccharide

Which of the following is an enzyme?
a) cellulose
b) glycogen
c) glycerol
d) salivary amylase

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