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A cell contains a nucleus, ribosomes, and other membrane-bound organelles. It is likely...
a) prokaryotic
b) eukaryotic
c) a plant cell
d) an animal cell

An organism is multicellular and eukaryotic. To which kingdom(s) may it belong?
a) plants or animals
b) fungi
c) protists or fungi
d) bacteria or protists

Human glucose levels must be maintained. This is an example of...
a) regulation
b) thermodynamics
c) homeostasis
d) reproduction

A seed has a coating surrounding it. It would be classified as the seed of a(n)...
a) gymnosperm
b) angiosperm
c) fern
d) bryophyte

A segment of DNA reads TAC. What's the complementary mRNA strand?
a) AUG
b) ATG
c) AAG
d) GAC

Before cells enter mitosis or meiosis, what must happen inside the nucleus?
a) reproduction
b) DNA replication
c) binary fission
d) duplicated procession

Which is most responsible for variation amongst humans?
a) mitosis
b) asexual reproduction
c) meiosis
d) binary fission

A dominant tall plant has an unknown genotype. To learn its genotype you should cross it with a...
a) tall plant
b) short plant
c) medium plant
d) you can't learn the genotype

Huntington's disease is DOMINANT. If a heterozygous woman with the disease marries a normal man, what are the chances a child will get the disease?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 100%

4 kids have type A blood. The mom has type O and dad type A. What is the likely genotype of dad?
a) heterozygous
b) homozygous
c) incomplete
d) recessive

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