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People lean to use_____________ of their regions to provide the things they need to live
a) economy
b) resources
c) geography
d) minerals

The way people use resources to product goods is their_____________
a) industry
b) heritage
c) geography
d) economy

A person who starts a business is ________________
a) entrepreneur
b) consumer
c) investor
d) supplier

At some point in time, everyone is a _____________
a) specializer
b) investor
c) capital resource
d) consumer

There is a big basketballl game in town today, everyone wants to go, but there is not enough tickets. This is an example of _________
a) scarcity
b) supply
c) credit
d) sales

State and federal government get most of the money they use to hire workers and provide services from__________
a) products they make
b) products they sell
c) taxes paid by the people
d) taxes paid by other government

In a system of checks and balances , each branch of government _______________
a) tries to keep from sharing government
b) balances the budget
c) can check other branches
d) acts independently

A ___________ is something found in the earth that is not a plant or animal
a) erosion
b) mineral
c) agriculture
d) lake effect

Wearing away of earth's surface is __________
a) mineral
b) lake effect
c) erosion
d) agriculture

Several regions depend on farming or ________
a) mineral
b) capital resources
c) erosion
d) agriculture

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